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When you are in need of courteous and affordable appliance repair in Honolulu, HI, there is no better company to call than Ocean Appliances & AC Repairs Inc. We have been serving the island for over 25 years, and have excellent repair and maintenance experience on a wide range of appliances, from air conditioning units to refrigerators. We focus our business on residential repairs only, allowing us to hone in on our work and offer our customers the most comfortable experience possible.

After contacting our offices and arranging an appointment, we send a highly trained professional technician to your home. We pride ourselves in providing prompt and thoughtful service to our customers; in fact, we can promise our customers same-day service if they wish.

Ocean Appliances & AC Repairs Inc. has the capability to repair a vast range of at-home appliances, from your washer and dryer in the garage to refrigerators and dishwashers in the kitchen. Whether you need kitchen appliances or other small electrical appliances serviced, we are there to provide the best job possible.

We work hard to accommodate the needs of our customers. Ocean Appliances & AC Repairs Inc. is able to offer repair and maintenance service on all major brands and models. We strive to please our customers, and we try our hardest to ensure our work with you is a positive experience. We carry many different appliance parts, making your repair jobs as expedient as possible.

Do not let dishes pile up because of a broken dishwasher, or be forced to make trips to the Laundromat because your washing machine has overheated; the smart choice is to make your life easier and arrange for immediate service from the team at Ocean Appliances & AC Repairs Inc.

Give us a call and arrange an appointment the next time you are in need of appliance repair!

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